imageAs you can imagine, preparing for an adventure like this is an expensive endeavor.

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The following information on costing for this event comes with reference from the Atlantic Campaigns Race Introduction Pack.

Fours Team/Boat

A rough estimate of the typical costs to put o Fours Team/Boat campaign together is in the region of 100,000 Euros. This includes: boat, shipping, training, courses, food, flights, accommodations, trailer and all the equipment on board the boat. In our case however, the boat chosen is the new first-line design, the R45, which added a bit to the above estimate, as the following figures show. This excludes the entrance fee. Should the funds become available, we would like to ship the boat here to Antigua for crew training, and this cost would not be included in the above.

Entrance Fees 2015

Race Class: Fours – 22,500 Euros

Race entry fee includes, among other things:

  • Full support for rowing campaign including all paperwork, office support and advice throughout the build up to the race
  • Race insurance and individual insurance for repatriation if rescued whilst at sea
  • Atlantic Campaigns website with supplier list, brokerage service, “Rowers area” with access to needed forms and equipment list, news and contact details, race rules and much more+
  • Race website with updated positions, news and photo gallery
  • Boat tracking (tracking beacons) – sending positions back to race website
  • 24 hours emergency race cover, liaising with rescue services if required, monitoring progress, tracking progress on race etrants
  • Full rescue cover – liaising with air sea rescue services, commercial shipping and all responsible authorities
  • Crisis operation plan – a set process to coordinate all situations that result from the race taking place
  • Support boat coverage – on water support with qualified trained crews. Emergency equipment, re-supply services, rowboat monitoring and communication with all rowing boats
  • Port clearance and liaising with maritime parties
  • Boat scrutineering, safety checks and general training while in La Gomera
  • Press releases and management PR related activities to advertise the events and the teams that take part
  • Media/support package from the race sponsor, Talisker Whisky
  • Race pictures and videos taken by our race sponsor, Talisker Whisky
  • Race events, including start and finish parties
Estimated Total Campaign Costs

122,500 Euros

I have already personally paid for the boat and all of its contents in full, as is documented. At the end of the race, I will be selling the boat and its contens to try to recuperate some of my personal expenses.

I have also personally paid for par of the Entrance Fee – 1,915 Euros.

Of relevance here, on October 19, 2004, eleven years ago, two Barbadians entered this race and crossed the Atlantic at a cost of BDS$250,000 (75,530 GBP). Of note, they entered as a pairs (2) team/boat, and as such their expenses would have been considerably smaller than a fours team/boat such as ours. Taking this into consideration, our cost is quite comparable.

An exclusive bank account will be opened shortly in the name of the Challenge and will require a minimum of two (2) signatures for any transaction to be completed. Statements for the account can be accessed by sponsors at any given time.

Mr. Charles Walwyn of the accounting firm Grant Thornton has graciously offered to audit this campaign’s account on a pro-bono basis, and for this we are grateful.

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