The Crew


Over the past few months as we have spent more and more time together on the boat either rowing or working on it, it has become reassuringly apparent to all of us that we are quite compatible
and respectful of each other . Our individual skills come together and mesh well , and the job gets done .
Unlike all the other entrants , every stroke gets us closer to home !


Dr. Nick Fuller

I’m Dr. Nicholas Fuller , soon to be 67 years old , an Antiguan and a practicing family physician here on the island for the past 30 years . My hobby has always been the sea in all its aspects ; fishing , scuba , camping and just general island cruising with my extended family .

With a bit more time on my hands now and a little less responsibility to the family I got together with the other crew members and put together a plan and here we are ! We’ve been fortunate enough to get the boat here on the island for the summer and it’s been quite a enlightening experience , our self confidence boosted and the ins and outs of the boat and its capabilities are being learned . I think we are all pretty compatible as a crew and we hopefully will have a wonderful trip together with memories to last us a lifetime .


Peter Smith

I am Peter Smith, a 74 year old Antiguan, and the fourth member of the Team.

I first sailed to Antigua in 1967 and then returned to the UK where I built a trimaran and sailed it to Antigua. Again, I returned to the UK and this time built a 9 metre sailing boat and returned for a third time to Antigua where I have lived since that time. Whilst in Antigua, I was commissioned to build a 47ft catamaran which is still in service with Wadadli Cats. I now own a 41ft classic sailing ketch which I have the pleasure sailing in the Caribbean.


Archie Bailey

I’m Archie Bailey , a 50 year old Antiguan and resident of Falmouth Harbour here in Antigua .

The finish line for this row is mile right outside the harbour where I’ve lived all my life . I’ve been a professional boat captain for many years , running a 120 foot cargo vessel throughout the Eastern Caribbean and back and forth to Puerto Rico . I also own and run my own fish and lobster retail business here in Falmouth , most of my stock being caught by myself in my 40 foot commercial fishing boat ” White Eagle “.

I’m ready to go and rowing all around the island in the Wa’Omoni for the past month has been a reassuring and exciting experience . I look forward to meeting the other competitors and share some good times with them all .


John D. Hall

I’m John D. Hall, aka JD. I’m the youngest member of team Wadadli at 29 years old.

I skipper a few boats for home owners on a private off-shore island here in Antigua. I worked for Dr. Fuller’s nephew for many years here in Antigua running tours around the island and neighboring islands. I’ve spent many years on the water with my father boating, camping, snorkeling, fishing and pretty much anything that deals with water.

We have our boat here in Antigua and have been rowing around the island. It’s fun and our crew are all great guys. I have much to learn from them, as they all have a lot more sea time than I do. I love being out with them and listening to their stories. Can’t wait to get started and make the trip across the pond back home.


John WuilliezThe Crew