The Charity

A very important part of this Challenge is that each participating team will raise money for the charity of their choice. The causes are as diverse as the teams themselves: from charities for health; help for disease and injury; to environment, human rights and disasters. Media coverage will bring public awareness of these causes, and that, combined with fund raising activities, will serve to benefit such important charities.

St John Hospice

We are happy to have chosen the St. John Hospice, a non-profit palliative care home, established here in Antigua on the Holberton Hospital grounds in 2006. The St. John Hospice offers peace, comfort and care to persons from all walks of life that have been diagnosed with a terminal illness. This is the only such Hospice in the Eastern Caribbean and is very deserving of our fund raising efforts.

Any excess funds raised after the costs of the row have been met will be channeled directly into the St. John Hospice account. It is our hope that, with the major effort we are putting into public awareness of the Challenge and our many fund raising opportunities and activities, that we will be able to make a significant contribution to this important charity.

St John Hospice Letter

John WuilliezThe Charity