Row Cost

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The total cost of the row now that that everything has been tallied is about $480,000 xcd  ($177,000 USD )  . This includes the boat  new and all its contents , the entrance fee , health and life insurance policies …

Nick FullerRow Cost

Some videos

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Nick FullerSome videos

Almost home…

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With only about 69 nautical miles left to the finish line, Team Wadadli is almost home and so eager are they to complete the journey, that the word is that they will be making a push through the night and …

Yohan KnightAlmost home…

Happy New Year

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Preparations are being made to ring in the New Year; there will be much drinking, eating and partying. Resolutions to eat healthier, exercise regularly, drop bad habits and even make nice- especially with relatives, are being made. Then there are …

Yohan KnightHappy New Year

Christmas at Sea

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Christmas is a time when family and friends gather to reconnect and share not only gifts but experiences and the ties that bind are strengthened from activities such as these. This Christmas, spare a thought for members of Team Wadadli …

Yohan KnightChristmas at Sea

Pressing on……

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At 6pm on the 4th day of the row, Team Wadadli has covered 63 nautical miles and have moved up one place to 10th among all boats, however, it has not been all smooth rowing. One team member who Dr. …

Yohan KnightPressing on……

The row begins

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The business end of the Talisker Atlantic Rowing Challenge has finally began. Team Wadadli and the twenty-five other teams in the fleet were led to the marina by drummers who made sure that all in the vicinity were aware that …

Yohan KnightThe row begins

Heading home tomorrow !!

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Had to take the boat out of the water and paint antifouling on it ; we initially installed a very expensive ultrasound device that was supposed to keep the bottom clean but after a week in the water there were hundreds …

Nick FullerHeading home tomorrow !!

Good row today !

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Had an on-deck interview today with press and then a good couple of hours rowing with the press boat following with its drone ; we felt refreshed and invigorated after . Back out again tomorrow . Rumour has it we’ll …

Nick FullerGood row today !

Boat layout/sponsorship appreciation video

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Nick FullerBoat layout/sponsorship appreciation video

First Practice Row

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Finally got most of our boat issues sorted out and was able to take a late afternoon row outside the harbour . First open water row in two months , felt great and relaxing . Still have a few issues …

Nick FullerFirst Practice Row

Meeker honored for Hospice care

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An Antiguan has been honored for her contribution to hospice care in Antigua & Barbuda. Agnes Meeker was conferred with the Officer of St John at a recent ceremony, attended by Governor General, Sir Rodney Williams and Lady Williams, along with …

Yohan KnightMeeker honored for Hospice care

The Row

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These men and women, who think it to be fantastic Setting out across the Atlantic Some single, some pairs and others fours But all of them powered only by oars Among this bunch is team Wadadli Doc Fuller, Peter, Archie …

Yohan KnightThe Row


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“Dear Andy, Remember I discussed the team of old farts suffering from masochism and various other mental disorders which have caused them to want to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a tiny rowing boat? Well, I have discussed your kind …

Nick FullerOLD FARTS ??

A landlubber’s perspective

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         I’m a land lubber. I’m not ashamed about it. I’ve taken a few boat trips around the island, I’ve  gone snorkeling and attempted swimming, but I am NOT a water-baby like the Antiguan foursome  who  are participating in this year’s edition of …

Yohan KnightA landlubber’s perspective

Stranded !

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We got this one off Cades Reef last night , 58 foot built in ’95 . Apparently uninsured , not good 😠 . Fortunately no reefs out there in the mid Atlantic for us to get into trouble with!(Just kidding …

Nick FullerStranded !

Time is getting closer

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So the days are getting closer to probably one of the most exciting adventures of our lives and i can tell you the feelings that i’m having. Excitement being up there. Its Great having the support from friends and family, …

JD HallTime is getting closer

Caribbean Compass article

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Eat, Sleep, Row, Repeat… Dubbed ‘Team Wadadli,’ Nick Fuller, Peter Smith, Archie Bailey and JD Hall, are a foursome who have literally lived for the sea. So it is no surprise that they- in their Rannoch R45 fours boat ‘Wa’Omoni’- …

Nick FullerCaribbean Compass article


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I think it’s quite fitting here for our team to give heart felt congratulations to GEEST SHIPPING, one of our main sponsors ( they provided free round trip shipping of our rowboat in a 40′ container from the UK to …


Watermaker Services

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We Spent an afternoon last week at our boat with Julian from Watermaker services , the company on the island that deals with all the watermkers on the boats at English Harbour during the season . He took us through …

Nick FullerWatermaker Services

Day/Night Row -Drogue/Sea anchor

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Spent three hours late this afternoon-tonight deploying the drogue and then the sea anchor. Quite uneventful , very calm night and no wind ; beautiful out . Rowed back to Shell Beach and right onto the trailer .

Nick FullerDay/Night Row -Drogue/Sea anchor


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Hey Guys , been a while since if I’ve said something here. All is going great . We had a nice row to Nevis the other night as doc posted earlier. Tried eating some of the package food onboard that …

JD HallUpdate

Sea Anchor

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Had a good four hour row yesterday down the north coast of the island during which we deployed out the sea anchor , this being one of the mandatory requirements to qualify to enter. It went smoothly without any hitches …

Nick FullerSea Anchor


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It is with pride and gratitude that we welcome FALMOUTH HARBOUR MARINA on board as our primary and main sponsor . This company is a 100 % Antiguan owned and the shareholders through their general manager Mr . Bobby Reis …



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Had our first offshore open water row today from Green Island to Jolly Beach , twenty miles in five hours in 15 to 18kts wind and 8 to 10 foot swells. Archie’s walking around the boat out there like he’s …



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Finally arrived and trailered it safely to SHELL BEACH MARINA where it is sitting in Lucky’s front patio for now ; as soon as we get our logos on we will put it on a boat lift . It’s more …

Nick FullerBOAT’S HERE !


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About a year ago Dr. Fuller asked me to join him on his adventure to row across the pond. After a lot of thinking I said, what the hell, why not. I have a serious love for the ocean. I …

JD HallExcited


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It’s a pleasure to welcome Jd as the first to be a crew member on board the Wa’Omoni for the Atlantic crossing . A boat captain by profession , he is a Antiguan and has been boating all his life …

Nick FullerJD IS ON BOARD !

Row Menu

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Tasted a few of the meals , quite tasty !  1,200 meals  !! Planning to add some freshly caught tuna / Mahi Mahi with rice / pasta to the list . Must remember to bring along the wasabi , soy …

Nick FullerRow Menu


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Wired off the funds to Expedition Foods this morning , another significant milestone for the trip . Once it’s delivered and loaded on the boat it will all be shipped here to Antigua , hopefully in the next two weeks …

Nick FullerFOOD PAID FOR !!

Food for the Row

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We’re working to finalizing full payment and delivery for our food this week from Expedition Foods to the boat for storage on board at Charlie Pitchers boat factory ; once this is done we will immediately ship it out to …

Nick FullerFood for the Row


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The Antigua & Barbuda Ship & Yacht Registry has this week offered us a generous cash award along with some of their hats and shirts &  free registration for the boat ; much appreciated . The final payment was made on …


Just Arrived !

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This Rannoch (R2) , was seen arriving some three miles outside Nelson’s Dockyard by a fisherman friend of mine today ; I sent the photo to Charlie Pitcher and he says its Abraham Levy who is crossing from Spain via …

Nick FullerJust Arrived !

Getting There Slowly

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I went to register the boat today and amusingly there are no categories in our merchant shipping act for registering a rowboat ; it was suggested that “wind power” be entered in the appropriate box, but I didn’t think Carsten …

Nick FullerGetting There Slowly

Sargassum Seaweed Invasion

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Had a rough last six to seven months with sargasso seaweed washing up on our Atlantic coast, just now coming to a end. Makes me a bit uneasy; how does one row through this !

Nick FullerSargassum Seaweed Invasion

Boat Power

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Just a short note to let you know that apart from the extra solar panels, we’ve also just ordered a Efoy fuel cell to give us a little extra power; it produces electricity by using methanol and fuel cell technology. …

Nick FullerBoat Power

Log, Sid Genders, 1970

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“22nd February. Third day without water. Still no rain… On the morning of the 22nd, Genders spotted a cargo ship on the same course as he, two miles away. He signalled by heliograph, fog horn, and oar waving, but got …

Nick FullerLog, Sid Genders, 1970

Website Up and Running

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It’s a big relief to have our website finally up and running, many thanks to John Wuilliez for this wonderful effort and his patience with my lack of computer skills. Before long we should  have many more photos, updates  and our …

Nick FullerWebsite Up and Running

Thoughts & Rowing

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“Good thoughts have much to do with good rowing. It isn’t enough for the muscles of a crew to work in unison; their hearts and minds must also be as one.” George Pocock 1936 Olympic rowers, lean and efficient!

Nick FullerThoughts & Rowing

We Likkle, But We Tallawah

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Race entrant: Team Wadadli Boat : R45 Fellow Antiguans , visitors and well wishers, For years we in Antigua have watched sunburnt and weary atlantic rowers slowly row into our beautiful and historic Nelson’s Dockyard in English Harbour here in Antigua as they …

Nick FullerWe Likkle, But We Tallawah