The Row

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These men and women, who think it to be fantastic Setting out across the Atlantic Some single, some pairs and others fours But all of them powered only by oars Among this bunch is team Wadadli Doc Fuller, Peter, Archie …

Yohan KnightThe Row


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“Dear Andy, Remember I discussed the team of old farts suffering from masochism and various other mental disorders which have caused them to want to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a tiny rowing boat? Well, I have discussed your kind …

Nick FullerOLD FARTS ??

A landlubber’s perspective

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         I’m a land lubber. I’m not ashamed about it. I’ve taken a few boat trips around the island, I’ve  gone snorkeling and attempted swimming, but I am NOT a water-baby like the Antiguan foursome  who  are participating in this year’s edition of …

Yohan KnightA landlubber’s perspective

Stranded !

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We got this one off Cades Reef last night , 58 foot built in ’95 . Apparently uninsured , not good 😠 . Fortunately no reefs out there in the mid Atlantic for us to get into trouble with!(Just kidding …

Nick FullerStranded !

Time is getting closer

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So the days are getting closer to probably one of the most exciting adventures of our lives and i can tell you the feelings that i’m having. Excitement being up there. Its Great having the support from friends and family, …

JD HallTime is getting closer

Caribbean Compass article

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Eat, Sleep, Row, Repeat… Dubbed ‘Team Wadadli,’ Nick Fuller, Peter Smith, Archie Bailey and JD Hall, are a foursome who have literally lived for the sea. So it is no surprise that they- in their Rannoch R45 fours boat ‘Wa’Omoni’- …

Nick FullerCaribbean Compass article