Just Arrived !

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This Rannoch (R2) , was seen arriving some three miles outside Nelson’s Dockyard by a fisherman friend of mine today ; I sent the photo to Charlie Pitcher and he says its Abraham Levy who is crossing from Spain via …

Nick FullerJust Arrived !

Getting There Slowly

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I went to register the boat today and amusingly there are no categories in our merchant shipping act for registering a rowboat ; it was suggested that “wind power” be entered in the appropriate box, but I didn’t think Carsten …

Nick FullerGetting There Slowly

Sargassum Seaweed Invasion

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Had a rough last six to seven months with sargasso seaweed washing up on our Atlantic coast, just now coming to a end. http://mission-blue.org/2014/10/sargassum-inundates-the-beaches-of-the-caribbean/ Makes me a bit uneasy; how does one row through this !

Nick FullerSargassum Seaweed Invasion

Boat Power

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Just a short note to let you know that apart from the extra solar panels, we’ve also just ordered a Efoy fuel cell to give us a little extra power; it produces electricity by using methanol and fuel cell technology. …

Nick FullerBoat Power