Log, Sid Genders, 1970

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“22nd February. Third day without water. Still no rain… On the morning of the 22nd, Genders spotted a cargo ship on the same course as he, two miles away. He signalled by heliograph, fog horn, and oar waving, but got …

Nick FullerLog, Sid Genders, 1970

Website Up and Running

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It’s a big relief to have our website finally up and running, many thanks to John Wuilliez for this wonderful effort and his patience with my lack of computer skills. Before long we should  have many more photos, updates  and our …

Nick FullerWebsite Up and Running

Thoughts & Rowing

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“Good thoughts have much to do with good rowing. It isn’t enough for the muscles of a crew to work in unison; their hearts and minds must also be as one.” George Pocock 1936 Olympic rowers, lean and efficient!

Nick FullerThoughts & Rowing