Commemoration of the row : by Dianna Craig

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In the year of our people 2015
4 crazy seamen came together as a team
Just before Xmas they set off from Spain
Leaving us to wonder what would they gain?

Why anyone would tackle such an arduous row
Well to give St. John’s Hospice a big pile of dough!
In a dinky little boat they stowed all their stuff
Hoping and praying it would not be too rough

For 52 days they rowed through their pain
Only hunkering down for a rare Hurricane
They rowed even though their bums got real sore
Stretching and looking for a familiar shore.

Even when the Atlantic rose up high above
They continued their journey towards those they love
They encountered some whales and some dolphins en route
But continued their adventure with nary a doubt

Some food got so spoiled that they threw out a line
And caught some big fish on which they would dine
Their autopilot crashed but they just steered by hand
Knowing eventually they would make Wadadli land

All eyes were on Facebook for their daily report
And when they made halfway no more talk of “ABORT”
In Antigua we anxiously awaited their arrival
Watching and following their daily survival

January came and then it also went
And by now all Antiguans followed the event
The day finally came when we had them in sight
And Antiguans turned up to witness their fight

And when they crossed the finish line
There was not a dry eye, especially mine!
Amid thunderous applause these brave men stepped ashore
Their families hugged them and just wanted more

Scruffy and bearded what a wonderful sight
The homecoming went on well into the night
After the ceremony they chowed down on steak
And soon we hope that a book they will make

So to these great men I say welcome home
Perhaps the full story may never be known
Into the record books you will go
How proud Antigua is, we hope that you know

Yohan KnightCommemoration of the row : by Dianna Craig